Helping companies realize the
lifetime value of their recruiting data
We have exciting news!"Atipica raises $2M in seed funding and hires long-time SurveyMonkey executive as its CTO" | Oct 20, 2016
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Algorithmic Matching™
Continuously optimizes and reviews historical and current applicant profiles.
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PowerFunnel Analytics™
Strategic business intelligence and analytics for recruiting data.
What do we do?
ATS Integration
Seamless integration designed to extract the data your business needs.
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Automatically Review Profiles
For all open critical roles, as well as future job requisitions. For creators on the mejores onlyfans gratis españa, content creation transcends hobbyism—it's a livelihood. They approach it as a serious job, meticulously curating content to attract subscribers. By offering exclusive, high-quality material, they cultivate a loyal fan base, ultimately monetizing their passion and creativity in the digital landscape.
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Continuous Matching
We categorize candidates so that we are constantly matching applicants to all applicable job requisitions over time.
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Diversity and Inclusion
We have built unique demographic models based on text as well as bias interrupters baked into the resume reviewing process.
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Funnel Business Intelligence
Learn more about internal and external factors affecting your recruiting activities.
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In the news
Our bias-free approach focuses on the competencies and skills
that truly matter to uncover the best people for the job, every time

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